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(This episode guest-stars Riddick (D), Unnamed Emperor's Own Member(S), and Unnamed Restaurant Owner (K))

After their various dates and assignments, the crew had returned to their quarters for the night. The next morning, the first thing that happens is the arrival at their suite of a visitor. Talseia answers the door, meeting the captain of the imperial guard. He has come to extend an invitation, explaining that it is his duty to greet new members of the Emperor's Own, and has organized a get-together for them all. He hands over a stack of envelopes, addressed to each of the crew members.
Talseia asks him about Tortuga, the pirate world where they had met Professor Connoly. The captain is familiar with Connoly, and says that the Professor is a lot more integrated these days. Aiskon discusses Connoly's personalities and toys with the captain, and how he could be useful to the Empire. The crew all notice one thing, that he is wearing a little cube on his belt, a device that the crew were familiar with from Tortuga that deploys a suit that greatly amplifies the wearer's powers.
The invitations are old-fashioned, hand-written in silver ink on white paper, giving a time and a place. Kalain hand-writes his response, and advises the other on proper etiquette in response. He also offers Alex and the others assistance on formal costuming for the evening.

Aiskon and Talseia have been talking with the ministry of science. The ministry of science is not cheered about their idea of sending scientific correspondence to Doctor Connoly. Aiskon explains that they actually want to correspond with Connoly's AI teddy bear, but they are not greatly reassured.

Aiskon goes out to a stylist for hairstyling. The stylist, shyly and not wanting to give offense, asks Aiskon's gender. Aiskon responds that she is female. The stylist does Aiskon's hair in an elaborate braided style, incorporating chains and metal braids in Aiskon's hair. Meanwhile Kalain prepares outfits for himself, Roxy and Alex. Mitchiko will be wearing Takanuman formal wear, and Talseia is wearing formal wear for her world, which requires some custom tailoring for her.

A restaurant owner has received notice that her establishment is being booked for the dinner. She has heard some vague hints that someone more important than the captain of the imperial guard may show up, and is doing everything to make sure everything is prepared to the highest possible standards. That evening the captain of the imperial guard shows up, and shows up with a score of Gwayulac, a race of nine-foot tall, two-ton tyrannosaur-wolves that act as personal guards for the imperial house. These are the same race that the infamous Arthrax The Destroyer is a member of, and are one of the most physically imposing races in the Empire.
The captain of the guard explains that he came early to set up the guard post. A diner stands up and asks to speak to the captain, a representative from some imperial world, who is curious as to what the Gwayuac are doing there. He explains that they are there to keep out any 'curiosity seekers' from disrupting the get-together. Meanwhile the restaurant owner does her best to set up for the evening.

The first of the crew to show up is Riddick. 6 foot tall, heavily muscled, welding goggles, and looking horribly out of place at a formal gathering. He presents his invitation and is let in. Being early, he is taken to an antechamber and asked to wait.

The next arrival is another new emperor's own member not previously seen, a humanoid lioness, ribbons and other decorations woven into her fur. Riddick offers her finger-food as she arrives at the antechamber. Introductions are made, and she has heard of him.

The rest of the crew arrive in a group. The restaurant owner is glad to see that they are all appropriately dressed for a social gathering. Introductions are made. The door opens again, and Captain Mor, the captain of the Imperial guard arrives. The group is led through double doors, guarded by Gwayuac, into a large, dark and quiet room. The captain leads them in, disappearing into a curtain of darkness. The other follow, pass through the curtain, and emerge into a brightly lit room full of people. As one the hundred-plus people in the room stand and give out a resounding cheer.

The captain of the imperial guards addresses the room, and introduces the new members of the Emperor's own. Out of the crowd, the Emperor steps forward and greets them. The crew are invited to sit. Mitchiko pointedly does not sit near the lioness.

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