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The group is at a party, at one of the poshest restaurants at the imperial capital. Many important members of the imperial security scene are here. Much social mingling happens.

Kalain meets a Tivan woman he knew many years ago in school, and her Tacan boyfriend. They catch up and trade stories of their missions. The Tacan worked with Ixsel for a while, and agrees that he's a good commander. Roxy is approached by someone who's been reading of her exploits with the Minister of Justice in the tabloids. Alex is approached by other members of the emperor's guard making talk with him, and eventually steering him over to the beer. Lucien finds himself the subject of attention of several cyborgs, none of them appearing to be as advanced cybernetically as he is, although it's hard to tell from a casual inspection. Mitchiko finds herself the target of several people interested in hand-to-hand combat styles. At least one of them is feline, but he seems to be trying to avoid direct contact with her. Talseia finds herself speaking with several people who are obviously super-strong, as well as some fans of her scientific articles.

The emperor moves among the groups, making introductions and offering congradulations. She thanks Roxy for getting the Minister of Justice out of his office for a while. She also mentions to Kalain that she hopes his theoretical position in the Tivan line of succession should never become an issue.

Alex spots a magnificent red-haired woman who is radiating a magical aura, and makes his way over to her. She recognizes him, and says she's been looking forward to meeting him, and speaks to him about his home world. Kalain keeps an eye on them, trying to figure out who she is. Someone else at the party explains that she had to leave her planet because of prejudice against sorcery.

As the night goes on, Roxy thinks she recognizes kindred spirits, at least as far as her outlook on things. She does not speak to them directly, of course. She conspires with them to get the entire room line-dancing. This takes time.

Mitchiko is pulled aside into a cleared area, by someone who wants to spar, to have their technique critiqued, and to critique hers. She fights defensively, blocking, and observing all the unusual new styles being used. When she does dive into the melee, she gets a bit bruised up, and inflicts some bruises of her own.

Talseia gets asked, bluntly, how strong she is.

Lucien tells stories of the fizzy-cola advertizing virus with the other cyborgs and techies.

The music shifts to dance music. The redhead woman asks Alex to dance. The floor clears. The martial arts competition gets pushed aside. Dancing occurs. Roxy and the Minister of Justice dance, drawing plenty of attention. Kalain dances with an athletic snake-woman. The dancing on the floor becomes somewhat more like an athletic competition. The Gwayulac move to prevent bystanders from being injured.

The Minister of Justice introduces Roxy to some amazing chocolate-based dessert. At that moment, a line dance starts.

The party winds down. At one point towards the end of the evening, a Gwayulac walks out carrying five women with him. Alex is pulled aside by his red-haired dance partner, out of the building. Other members of the team make arranges of their own. Kalain heads off with a snake-woman and her mouse companion. Roxy leaves with the Minister of Justice. They leave by a confused path that will be very difficult to follow. They go to a safehouse where he has a luxurious pool for the two of them.

The next morning arrives.

On returning to her quarters the next day, Roxy finds a bouquet with a card. The card, from Alex, reads “About flipping time”.

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