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"OH MY GOD! Does she come with the house, too?"

Now, now, a former fashion model is a big responsibility. You need to not feed her, take her out shopping, and tell her she's still prettier than all those younger models on TV. It's a lot of work and I don't want you getting bored with her in a few weeks and leaving her for the rest of us to take care of.

To recap:

The magic street racers drove into their getaway truck. Siafu and Ket were unsuccessful in preventing the truck from vanishing, despite stealing the keys, throwing the driver out of the cap, and climbing into the trailer and defeating the guys there. Mysterious voices promised death if they went with the truck. Ket did get a business card with a job offer and a phone number.

Beater did some research and discovered that the street racers are a well-known gang who do this weekly in cities around the world. They have a web site and even publish their races in advance, yet somehow nobody has been able to stop them.

Chronos contacted Beater with news of a new team member. Heavy Metal, a former roadie who discovered one morning that he could cover his skin with metal, fly, and shoot lightning bolts from his hands. He's new to the hero scene and really impressed by the mansion and base and Thomaz. The team show him around the base and introduce him to everyone.

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